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Mystery, The

The Mystery is our calling for today. It is last body of truth that was revealed by the Apostle Paul after Acts 28:28. God had hidden this message as a sacred secret in himself only to reveal it when Israel finally rejected him and he put them on hold.


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August 7, 2022

Running the Race – Part 17

The lesson on August 7, 2022 was part 17 of the "Running the Race" study.  Wayne took time to prepare us for the context of chapter 10 of Hebrews because it is so important to recognize where the nation of...
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July 10, 2022

Running the Race – Part 13

The lesson on July 10, 2022 was part 13 of "Running the Race" study. This is all about running the race and getting fit to win by being in great shape.  There remaineth work to do in Hebrews 4:6 for...
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June 12, 2022

Running the Race – Part 9

The lesson on June 12, 2022 was part 9 of the "Running the Race" study.  We learned to contextualize the words Salvation, Gospel, and Mystery.  As we go through Hebrews we are learning how Paul used the history of Israel...
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May 8, 2022

Running the Race – Part 5

The lesson on May 8, 2022 was part 5 of "Running the Race" study.  In this lesson, we are still in the first three verses of Hebrews but Wayne takes time to put it in context of our calling, specifically...
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March 6, 2022

The Ends – Part 10

The lesson on March 6, 2022 was part 10 of  "The Ends" study.  In this lesson we quickly review what was taught last regarding the resurrection of the dead where we learned that there are different glories for spiritual bodies. ...
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February 27, 2022

The Ends – Part 9

The lesson on February 27, 2022 was part 9 of "The Ends" study.  We reviewed what was presented in the previous lesson, particularly that Acts has an “ends of the ages” context NOT the beginning of an age.  1 Corinthians...
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