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Welcome to your library. This is where you will find resources to improve your knowledge of scripture, rightly divided.


Articles are written to provide more detail on a topic. You may find an article that complements a study or lesson that was given. Usually when this happens, we will identify that article with a link to it here.


Blogs are short commentaries for your consumption. The title of the blog usually describes the topic or issue being discussed. You may review all Blogs here.


When you sail the seas of scripture, it is an easier trip if you navigate using a chart! We have one exceptional chart that takes you through the entire Bible entitled “An Overview of God’s Revealed Plan and Hidden Purpose in the Ages” which is ideal to visually see what parts you are reading. They say a picture is worth a thousand words… well a chart of scripture captures the value of scripture in the context of right division. Review all of our chart aids here.


Lessons on this site are usually attached to a Study. Each study published will have lessons added until the study is concluded. On this lessons page you may sort and search on lessons by teacher and dates. Keep in mind, many of our lessons are power packed with content so each one may have subjects that you are wanting to review. Find them all here.


The Studies section of the library is where you will find great rightly divided content presented. Each study will have many lessons associated with it. Some of our largest studies have over 50 lessons. Within each lesson, it may be tagged to other relevant content on that subject. Enjoy the deep collections of studies within our Library here.


Webinars are a way to conduct a virtual conference where we can get together over the web and enjoy a gathering of like-minded students of scripture who follow right division principles. hopes to sponsor webinars and this section of the library is where you may register and attend these webinars. Check back often to see when the next one will be held.