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September 16, 2021

Calling (from Alphabetical Analysis)

The Greek word translated ‘calling’ is klesis, and it occurs in the New Testament eleven times. Those who receive this calling are denominated ‘called’ kletos, and this too occurs eleven times. Both of these words derive from kaleo ‘to call’,...
September 8, 2021

Born Again (from Alphabetical Analysis)

Attention has been drawn in the Dispensational section of this analysis to the distinction which the Scriptures make between 'children and sons' (see article, Children v. Sons1). John, in his Gospel and Epistles, never uses the Greek word huios, 'son'...
August 31, 2021

Acts-28 (from Alphabetical Analysis)

ACTS-28. THE DISPENSATIONAL BOUNDARY The reader is directed to articles entitled ACTS (p. 19), LO-AMMI2, and ISAIAH 6:9,10. The structure of Acts 28 and the commentary on this section are intended to prove that Acts 28 is indeed of the...
August 16, 2021

Baptism (from Alphabetical Analysis)

According to Galatians 3:27-29, baptism was a levelling and a unifying incorporation of the believer into Christ, whereas the history of the professing Church shows that the question of baptism has been the cause of much bitterness, strife and division....
December 28, 2020

Why does Acts 28(29) matter?

Introduction The writings of the author CH Welch have been and continue to be a tremendous influence on those who look for dispensational truth. One of his great and influential contributions is the doctrine concerning the "dispensational boundary of Acts...
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