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Mystery, The

The Mystery is our calling for today. It is last body of truth that was revealed by the Apostle Paul after Acts 28:28. God had hidden this message as a sacred secret in himself only to reveal it when Israel finally rejected him and he put them on hold.


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May 1, 2021

Acts – When and Why? – Part 13

The lesson on May 2, 2021 was part 13 of the "Acts - When and Why?" study.  Wayne opened up with a review of the previous lessons and what we have learned in studying the Acts and determining what epistles...
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April 24, 2021

Fellowship of The Mystery

The message given on April 25, 2021 was a follow up to the presentation Wayne gave at the Truth for Today webinar that was held on Saturday, April 24, 2021. Wayne's topic was "The Fellowship of The Mystery" and we...
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December 26, 2020

Hermeneutics – Part 7

The lesson on December 27, 2020 was part 7 of the "Hermeneutics" study and the last lesson in the series. Wayne took us through a quick review of what we previously covered before he transitioned to this lesson which was...
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May 2, 2020

Genesis – Part 53

The lesson on May 3, 2020 was part 53 of the "Genesis" study.  This weeks lesson continued to focus on Abraham and the biblical linkage that can be established with the faith and promises that were given to Abraham.  When...
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April 4, 2020

Genesis – Part 50

The lesson on April 5, 2020 was part 50 of the "Genesis" study.  This week Wayne took us to Genesis 9 and introduced us to the Noahic Covenant God gave after the flood.  We learned of the Adamic Covenant which...