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Seed, of the Woman

The promise of the savior through the seed of the woman begins a unique battle that will be waged by Satan to destroy the savior. It begins with Cain who slew Able (Genesis 4:1-12). From there, God brought forth the next righteous line through Seth. Satan then tried to contaminate mankind with Angelic cohabitation with humans thereby tainting all of mankind except for Noah and his family . Consequently, God brought forth the flood and saved the only family left that Satan had not corrupted. After the flood, the battle continues all the way until Christ was born and grew to fulfill His ministry. The seed of the woman promised to Eve did provide the savior but it wasn’t until 4000 years later that this prophecy was fulfilled.


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October 6, 1987

Seed of the Woman

The curse and the promise of a savior (Genesis 3:14-24). The message is clear in that Adam and Eve could not stand (consist) apart from Christ. “So He (God) drove out the man” (Genesis 3:14-24). The promise of the savior...