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Acts Chronology

Understanding the Acts chronology is critical to your right division of understanding scripture at a pivotal time in Christianity. Acts covers the 40 years after the Gospels and covers many important dispensational topics including gifts of the spirit, healings, lounges, Gentile grafting in and much more. Getting an understanding of Acts chronology will pay off including what other New Testament books were written during Acts.


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February 6, 2021

Acts – When and Why? – Part 4

The lesson on February 7, 2021 was part 4 of the "Acts - When and Why?" study.  As usual, Wayne provides a quick review of what we have previously covered in prior lessons and then takes us to today's focus...
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January 30, 2021

Acts – When and Why? – Part 3

The lesson on January 31, 2021 was part 3 of the "Acts - When and Why?" study.  This week Wayne jumped right into the dating of Acts including the end with chapter 28.  We were introduced to “Josephus Son of...
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January 23, 2021

Acts – When and Why? – Part 2

The lesson on January 24, 2021 was part 2 of the "Acts - When and Where?" study.  Wayne provided a brief recap from the previous lesson before he taught us of the first date we can pin down from Herod's...
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January 16, 2021

Acts – When and Why? – Part 1

The lesson on January 17, 2021 was part 1 of the "Acts When and Why?" study and Wayne focused on proving who wrote the book, We learned in the introduction that Luke was the author. In this lesson we follow...
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January 9, 2021

Acts – An Introduction

The lesson on January 10, 2021 was an introduction to the new Acts study, focused on the when and why of books that were written by the Apostle Paul.  This lesson explained the objectives of looking at Paul’s letters and finding...