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Acts Chronology

Understanding the Acts chronology is critical to your right division of understanding scripture at a pivotal time in Christianity. Acts covers the 40 years after the Gospels and covers many important dispensational topics including gifts of the spirit, healings, lounges, Gentile grafting in and much more. Getting an understanding of Acts chronology will pay off including what other New Testament books were written during Acts.


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March 11, 2001

Acts Period Epistles – Part 5

Acts Period Epistles - Part 5. Understanding Acts . Some of the maintenence that goes into driving a car is easy and we do it often... like cleaning our windows, filling up with gas, or changing the oil every 3000...
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March 4, 2001

Acts Period Epistles – Part 4

Acts Period Epistles - Part 4. Acts Period Epistles - Why has everyone has gone APE? The lesson on 03-04 continues to discuss those who claim for themselves doctrine that was intended for Apostles sent to Israel. Following Acts Period...
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February 25, 2001

Acts Period Epistles – Part 3

Acts Period Epistles - Part 3.  Why has Everyone Gone APE? The lesson on 02-25 asks the question “Why has everyone gone APE?” The Acts Period Epistles cover God's revealed plan to Israel. Today, they appeal to those who search...
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February 18, 2001

Acts Period Epistles – Part 2

Acts Period Epistles - Part 2. Acts Period Chronology. The lesson on 02-18 continues the study presented on 02-04 and covers the chronology of the New Testament books written during the Acts Period. God's given us objective truth in the...
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February 4, 2001

Acts Period Epistles – Part 1

Acts Period Epistles - Part 1. An Understanding Heart. The lesson on 02-04 discusses the idea of having an understanding heart. God shows us in scripture that the Nation of Israel had one but lost it when Nebuchadnezzar conquered them....