God’s Revealed Plan and Hidden Purpose in the Ages


By Clifford McLain



This is a large dispensational chart that can be put on the wall or un-folded for study. It measures 15 inches wide by 7 feet long. The title of this chart is “God’s Revealed Plan and Hidden Purpose in the Ages” and covers dispensations from before the foundation of the world through the end of the age … from the creation of the world to the dispensation of the fullness of times… from Alpha to Omega. If you like charts, be sure and visit the Charts section of this site! You will particularly like the updated on-line version of dispensational chart of the ages. There is supporting text and scripture references that help you study each timeframe in God’s plan along with drawings of the different dispensations of God’s dealing with mankind. This chart is an excellent tool for personal Bible study or in a study group. The text was written by Clifford McLain and was a favorite of his when introducing someone to right division. (Price increase due to additional postage needed for shipping)