The Pristine Creation


By Clifford McLain

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This book takes you before the foundation of the world and covers the events that transpired to cause the Original Earth to be thrown into a chaotic state. The Re-Creation followed that then put Adam in the Garden of Eden. It studies the Revealed Plan of God as well as God’s Hidden Purpose hushed up before the world began later revealed by the Apostle Paul.

In spite of all the claims and counter claims concerning the creation and the age of this planet – whether one emphasizs the extreme views of the evolutionist long with other scientists (billions of years) or the very narrow concept of certain creationists (six or seven thousand years) – the simple fact remains the same: on one, other than the Creator, Himself, really knows. However, we hasten to add that there is an alternative position flowing from a sound Scriptural foundation which could be a catalyst for reconciliation for both camps.