Rethinking The Acts


By Clifford McLain



Order the book to assist your studies. Discover why Acts is such an important transition from God’s revealed plan to His hidden purpose.  Be sure and listen to the two audio studies, as well.

Foreward in the book (by David F. Webber, 1984, Oklahoma City, OK)

“In giving us a careful work on the book of Acts, Dr. McLain has provided the connecting link between the gospels and the epistles of Paul. The Acts is a pivotal period in which God is closing the door on Israel for a time and opening wide the door for the Church Age. We cannot overemphasize studying and understanding the Bible dispensationally and making a difference as to God’s dealings with the Jews and God’s dealings with the Church.”

“To understand God’s place for the Church in the Family of God is to be a recipient of Sovereign grace and to walk by faith (II Corinthians 5:7). To understand God’s place for Israel is to know the covenants committed unto them and the promised kingdom for those who kept the spirit of the law of Moses (Rom. 9:4,5). The transition from Peter to Paul, from law to grace, from Kingdom Age to Church Age is of paramount importance in studying the past and future in Bible chronology.”