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August 26, 2018

The lesson on August 26, 2018 was part 7 of the “Practical Lessons and Right Division” study.  This week Wayne took us to Ephesians 4:7-13 and explained that “every one of us was given grace” included Paul and that this Grace was needed to re-adjust the members of the body of Christ who were previously given a hope associated with Israel’s spiritual things. In addition the ascended Lord gave specialist gifts which included apostles, prophets, pastors and teachers for the perfecting of the saints till a defacto condition of unity would be achieved (the perfect man). Right in the middle of this discourse PAul quotes from Ps 68:18 which talks of how God ascended on high to Jerusalem and gave gifts to men. This was in the context of the great redemption story of Israel out of the Iron furnace of Egypt. The parallel is clear that as God ascended to Jerusalem so also he ascended in the person of Christ to the heaven of heavens – God’s dwelling place. These ideas have their parallels throughout the Psalm and Eph. 4:7-13. Our focus is the heavenly places – that is our future home that is where some of God’s students (Elect Principalities and Powers)  are listening and also where the rebellious Principalities and Powers also seek to make war against us.  The unity which God has made he wishes us to keep in many practical ways and chiefly through the doctrine of headship – this is one way that we hold the “head”. The scripture reading was from Numbers 10:33-36 KJV

“33 And they departed from the mount of the Lord three days’ journey: and the ark of the covenant of the Lord went before them in the three days’ journey, to search out a resting place for them. 34 And the cloud of the Lord was upon them by day, when they went out of the camp.35 And it came to pass, when the ark set forward, that Moses said, Rise up, Lord, and let thine enemies be scattered; and let them that hate thee flee before thee. 36 And when it rested, he said, Return, O Lord, unto the many thousands of Israel.”




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