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October 20, 2002

Dispensations – Part 6. Most Christians may know that there are 66 books in the bible with 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New. We have learned that all of those books are for our learning but all of it is not to us. The problem we find with christianity today is that most of christiandom teaches that all of scripture (or a large part of it) is to us and treat it like a combination salad. The seven primary dispensations are characterized by 1) a subdivision of the ages; 2) God’s revealed message, and 3) God’s ordained messenger (Hebrews 1:1-2a). The lesson on 10-20-2002 finishes the dispensational study and wraps up the final three dispensations. The last three dispensations cover most of the events of prophecy that have yet to be fulfilled. This includes studies on the Last Days of the Revealed plan (click here to find studies about the Last Days). This study refers to the Four Days in Scripture and teaches on how the Day of Christ and the Day of the Lord overlap as Christ begins to rule from the Heavens preparing for the Day of the Lord. The lesson wraps up with the final dispensation of Eternity where it’s hinted in Psalms that this dispensation lasts for 40 thousand generations, or 40,000 years! If you would like to view all of the audio lessons covering dispensations in this series, click here to go there now. Click here to listen to the lesson on 10-20-2002. Be sure and download the handout as well since this handout is an updated one from the previous week and services as a good reference tool for all of the lessons.



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