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October 13, 2002

Dispensations – Part 5. Right Division is crucial to understanding scripture and the different administrations (or dispensations) of God. The lesson on 10-13-2002 continues with a series of lessons studying the seven primary dispensations in scripture and begins to describe the last three dispensations that follow the Mystery (The Mystery is the fourth dispensation period and is our present Age of Grace). One of the biggest challenges in learning the attributes of each dispensation is understanding the context of the scripture written during that dispensation, who it is written to and when it is applicable. Some truth’s are eternal yet some are only for that specific timeframe. For instance, God uses each dispensation to demonstrate that the only way back to God is through Christ (an eternal truth). However, we don’t practice animal sacrifices for the forgiveness of sin (applicable under the Law). Further, there are gaps in scripture that have a future fulfillment. This is especially true with the gap that was filled with The Mystery. The Mystery was hidden in God before the foundation of the world, and was not part of any old testament scripture. The Mystery fills the gap between the 3rd and 5th dispensations. There was an imminent hope that was present at the close of the 3rd dispensation but the revelation of The Mystery by the Apostle Paul put the hope of the third dispensation on hold. Once the close of our present dispensation occurs, then the remaining dispensations pick up where the third one left off. Understanding this gap will enable the principles of right division to help you be approved unto God. Click here to listen to Part 5 of this dispensational study. The lesson has a handout as well which you may download right here.



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