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The lesson on March 15, 2009 started chapter six of Romans and the scripture reading was in verses 1-13. There is a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin that goes “Of a certainty, death and taxes will always be with us.” Will Rogers added a change to Ben’s quote, he said “You know, the only difference between death and taxes is that death remains the same when Congress meets.” Death has a consequence. Scripture says in Hebrews 9:27 “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:”. That statement ought to grip us with a fear that shakes us down to the bone… Just one death is all we have which means we have one life to give. Death is the universal problem man has, and there have been only two men in scripture (Enoch and Elijah) that have avoided death because God took them. This proves that only by the operation of God can man find victory and that is what Paul is teaching in Romans 6. In this lesson, we look at the Operation of God, the Opportunity from God, and finally, the Obedience to God. Death is universal and pervasive and we learn that the universal property behind death is sin. No one will escape death because sin has infected all of mankind because of Adam (which was taught in Romans 5). The sin nature of Adam was passed on to all of mankind and the manifestation of this is “sins”. The righteous God satisfies His just law with a sacrifice and offering that is acceptable (not just placating) with the sacrifice of Christ for the atonement of everyone who accepts it.



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From the Study: Romans Study