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September 23, 2001

Dating Paul’s Books. There are two ways to identify when Paul wrote his letters in the New Testament during the Acts Period. First, when there are historical events mentioned in Acts or one of His 14 epistles. The event in history then provides a time marker for when the book was written. The second way is by the subject matter itself. These two methods allow you to put Paul’s books in order and thereby understand the progressive callings that Paul was responsible for communicating to Israel and Gentiles. We are called to learn the scriptures so we can compare the things that differ. When you have the word of God in your heart, it is what lifts you up in times like these when world events cause emotional turmoil. It’s the Word of God that keeps you grounded in truth. The lesson on 09-23 encourages you to study the word so you won’t be fooled by “End Times” enthusiasts. Click here to listen now.



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From the Study: The “Last Days”