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Trick or treat? Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31 every year but is it a fun holiday to collect candy and treats or something that should be avoided all together if you are a Christian? This topic has collected some thoughts on the subject for you to decide.

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Derek McCammon's avatar
October 31, 2010

Thoughts on Halloween

The lesson on October 31, 2010 gave a quick prelude to the celebration of Halloween.  What is the history of this holiday and is it something a Christian should celebrate?  Listen now to this short lesson on Halloween and then...
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October 26, 2008

A Really Scary Story

A Really Scary Story. In the book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul tells us of a really scary situation for us. In Ephesians 2:11-12, we are told that we are considered to be uncircumcised, without Christ, aliens from Israel, strangers...
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October 27, 2002

A Halloween Story

A Halloween Story. This time of year, it has become a popular tradition to celebrate Halloween with the promotion of all things “scarry”. On the surface, most folks like to dress up children and have them go door to door...
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October 29, 2000

Trick or Treat

Each year on October 31st, the doorbell rings with a familiar shout of ‘Trick or Treat’. Is this harmless fun or does it open the door to something else? Should Halloween be Hallowed? The lesson on 10-29 discusses the tradition...