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First Corinthians

The immorality of the Corinthians in ancient history is well known. We are interested in the problems evident in the church at Corinth and how Paul addressed them. We want to learn what doctrine was particular to the age, the church and what might transfer into our age.


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August 18, 2015

First Corinthians – Part 37

Introduction: Last time we looked at the first 10 verses of 1 Cor. 15 which talks about the foundation of the gospel. We noted that there is an awkward "if" in the salvation condition which we discovered expressed the fact...
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August 13, 2015

First Corinthians – Part 36

Introduction Last time we looked at the last portion of chapter 14.  The issues related to prophecy and women teachers in the church. It was found that men and women were to function differently in the church and that this...
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August 10, 2015

First Corinthians – Part 35

Introduction: Last time we looked at the rules for speaking in tongues and mentioned the last portion of chapter 14 relating to women and their place within the church administration.  Today we will take this a little further starting from...
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July 5, 2015

First Corinthians – Part 34

Introduction Last time we examined the last verses of chapter 13 and went over the usage of the root of the verbs "καταργηθήσονται" and "καταργηθήσεται" which are translated in this passage "they shall fail" and "it shall vanish away" respectively. ...
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June 28, 2015

First Corinthians – Part 33

  Introduction: Last time we examined most of the 13 verses of chapter 13 concerning the enduring "charity" or christian love. The signs and wonders were a part of a temporary manifestation of the powers of the age to come...
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June 21, 2015

First Corinthians – Part 32

Introduction Last lesson mainly concerned the meaning of the 27th verse:  "Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular. (1Co 12:27 KJV)" -- where it was discovered that the idea of the Corinthians being a body of christ...