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First Corinthians

The immorality of the Corinthians in ancient history is well known. We are interested in the problems evident in the church at Corinth and how Paul addressed them. We want to learn what doctrine was particular to the age, the church and what might transfer into our age.


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October 11, 2015

First Corinthians – Part 44

Introduction Last time we looked at the teaching of "Jew first" in the Acts and its impact on churches in Galatia and throughout the world as they felt the force of the imperative Paul gave them to look after the...
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October 4, 2015

First Corinthians – Part 43

Introduction Last time we looked at the issue of  a "soulish" person and a "spiritual" person and the fact that the immortal body will be "spiritual". We look forward to the new body for many reasons -- not only is...
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September 27, 2015

First Corinthians – Part 42

Introduction Last time we examined some practical teaching as it relates to keeping bad company and what this can mean for many including young and immature christians. The main thought pertains to some who hold to incorrect notions of the...
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September 13, 2015

First Corinthians – Part 40

Introduction Last time we looked at the idea of sleep as it pertains to the metaphor of death for the Christian. Time is relative, and what we know about time from Physics is that it is present within our "thing"...
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September 6, 2015

First Corinthians – Part 39

Chapter 15:20-28 After the logical case has been laid for the resurrection of the dead Paul gives the facts of what actually happened: 20 ΒΆ  But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that...
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August 29, 2015

First Corinthians – Part 38

Introduction Last time we looked at the commonality of the gospel which Paul and the apostles preached. The mid-Acts position is seriously undermined when 1 Cor. 15 is carefully considered. The mid-Acts assumption that the gospel is "the mystery" and...
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