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August 13, 2023

UFOs and Mutilations

The message presented on August 13, 2023 was the fourth and final in a series on Angels and UFOs.  Wayne took time to look into the animal mutilation mysteries that have been going on for quite some time.  These animal...
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August 6, 2023

UFOs and Other Issues

The message taught on August 6, 2023, was again on UFOs and some other issues surrounding this topic.  The can has been opened!  In this session, Wayne looks at the details of a couple of recorded extraterrestrial sightings starting with...
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July 30, 2023

UFOs and Angels

The lesson on July 30, 2023 continued looking into the connection between UFOs and Angels. Initially, we took account of the overwhelming evidence of the existence of UFOs because we have collected wreckage and alien bodies.  There are whistleblowers that...