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The dispensational boundary which occurred in Acts 28:28-31 is when the Apostle Paul declares to the Jewish leadership that the final opportunity for their acceptance of Jesus as Christ is over.


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August 31, 2021

Acts-28 (from Alphabetical Analysis)

ACTS-28. THE DISPENSATIONAL BOUNDARY The reader is directed to articles entitled ACTS (p. 19), LO-AMMI2, and ISAIAH 6:9,10. The structure of Acts 28 and the commentary on this section are intended to prove that Acts 28 is indeed of the...
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December 28, 2009

Dispensational Frontier

The Dispensational Frontier of Acts 28:23-31.  The Analogy of a Frontier.  It is but reasonable to expect that any system of doctrine or interpretation that differs from or challenges orthodoxy, will be subjected to a fair amount of criticism, and...