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Leland Maples runs the LOOP’s Ministries (Loved Ones Of Prisoners) and leads a Thursday night bible study held in the Rec Room at Life Change Baptist Church in Odessa Texas.  The Rec Room message on Thursday, March 22, 2012 was entitled “What Do You Want in a God?” and was given by Leland.  Special music was by Charlie Williams.

There was a new survey given asking what do you want in a God? Here were the responses

  1. What do I want in a God?
    1. Love – A love that gives one what he wants
    2. Acceptance – of any lifestyle, no matter how perverse
    3. Encourgement – always be positive, never negative
    4. Gentle – never harsh or offensive
    5. #1 = Painless – requiring no personal change or sacrifice
  2. The God of the Bible does not fit into the world’s plans
  3. Does the God of the Bible fit in your plans?




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