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December 23, 2001

The Wise Men. The lesson on 12-23-2001 teaches about the testimony of the Wise Men as read in Matthew 2:1-12. These individuals are a traditional part of most Nativity scenes but according to the scriptures, visit Jesus and his mother when he was 2 years old in a house. Tradition has changed the Word of God to put them at the manger. These Wise Men knew of Christ’s birth because of God’s handywork in the heavens by declaring it in the stars. This was not new. From the beginning in Genesis, God declared the story of salvation in the stars. Adam was the first astronomer who was able to read the message in the stars. Adam then passed it on to Seth, who passed it on to Enoch, then so on and so on… Every generation knew of God’s plan through the stars and this is why the Wise Men from Persia knew it was the time that a King was born to Israel. The lesson on 12-23-2001 takes you through the scriptures to learn the facts about the Wise Men and how the witness in the Stars was one of the first ways God testified of Christ prior to the written word. Click here to listen now. Be sure and visit the visit the Christmas lesson archives as well!

Be sure and order the book “Witness of the Stars” by E .W. Bullinger for a real blessing and in-depth study on God’s message in the stars.



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