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September 24, 2006

The Twofold Purpose of The Mystery – Part 4. The body of truth called “The Mystery” is really our great commission for the believers of this age. Much like the commission given to the disciples in Matthew 28:19-20, our commission is given in Ephesians 3:9. This is what God has given us with this particular fellowship which is part of a particular administration. Christ Jesus is the fullness of God and we a made a part of His calling in Christ. The Jew has nothing today that makes him distinctive in God’s eyes. There are two things that make this truth distinctively to you (2U). First of all it is Unique. Never before in all the writings of scripture is this fellowship or group of believers made known. There is no prophesy that entails the detail of the Mystery. It’s something that was thought out by the Godhead before the foundation of the world and hidden with them and hidden until the revealed plan of Israel was set aside. Secondly, it was Unforseen. As it says in Ephesians 3:5 (KJV) “Which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit;”. This unforseen and unique administration was given to Paul directly from God to be revealed unto to us after the close of Acts. How do we accomplish what God has given us to do? As a member of the body of Christ, we all take a part, whatever that may be, but the focus should be on Christ. The lesson on September 24, 2006 talks about prayer and study. These are the primary tools to equip us in our calling. This is the fourth part in the audio series.



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