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The lesson on March 26, 2023 was the introduction of a new study called “The Remnant”. This study will look at the remnant that is found in scripture and its role in God’s plan.  Who is the remnant?  When you search the scriptures for the word “remnant” you find the majority of references in the Old Testament, where a majority are found in Isaiah and Jeremiah but very few are found in the New Testament.  Only in Matthew, Romans and Revelation do we find “the remnant” and that suggests it is only related to Israel’s calling. There are two Hebrew word that are related in this research: Sarid and Shear.  Sarid means escape destruction and Shear insures ultimate fulfillment and establishment.   Isaiah 6:13 speaks the remnants return.  It speaks of them being called, chosen and faithful in Revelation 17:14 KJV. There are two significant types of “election” – Personal and Corporate.  When we look at “to choose” it crosses over into the scriptures of The Mystery in Ephesians 1:4 where PAul tells us “according as he hath chosen us in him”.  Are we then in The Mystery part of the Remnant?  In this introduction Wayne provides us a good foundation of the issues we face when identifying the remnant.




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