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The Obedience of Faith. What was the Apostle Paul saying in Romans 16:26 that “is now made manifest … for the obedience of faith”? Israel was given the responsibility of evangelizing the nations because of their potential “peculiar treasure” status. However, their stubbornness fulfilled a prophecy from Deut 32:21 in the song of Moses… that God was going to use the nations to provoke Israel to jealousy. If Israel were to follow Christ, the nations would take hold of the skirt of a Jew because they would know that God was with them. Paul’s Gospel in Romans 16 was a call for salvation to the Jew and Gentile but Israel did not respond. They will in the future with the return of Elijah. Today, you are called to faith obedience with another calling. Are you found faithful? Listen to the lesson for 06-03 to hear more.



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