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February 17, 2002

The Mind of Christ. The Christians ultimate weapon to tackle all the issues of life is contained in the mind of Christ. God has provided us a way to deal with the issues of life yet do we take advantage of it? “Let this mind be in you…” This is the key to every issue we face. Philippians 2:1-4 identifies the mindset with four motives for Christian living that have corresponding duties in the walk that is worthy of God: 1) Consolation… be like minded, 2) Comfort of love… having the same love, 3) Fellowship of the spirit… be of one accord, and 4) Tender mercies and compassion… be of one mind. If we walk with a walk that is worthy of Him, then we will do all things without murmurings and disputings. However, we see in Phil 2:3 that there are two enemies to this mindset.. two foes that capture our thoughts: 1) Strife, and 2) Vain Glory. Stife will manifest itself in the flesh as well as in “preaching” among Christians who take truth out of context. Vain Glory will show up as a hollow opinion which is an opinion based on nothing. This is contrary to a position based on the Word of God, rightly divided. We are to love not the world, neither are we to love the things that are in the world and we should esteem others better than ourselves. This is how we can defeat Strife and Vain Glory. The ultimate weapon is to put on the mind of Christ. Click here to listen to the lesson for 02-17-2002.



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