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The Middle Wall of Partition. The lesson on 06-24 starts with Acts 15:12,13,19, 20. It’s here the dispute was being made between the Jewish belivers and new Gentile belivers on what parts of the law they should keep. They had a real problem on their hands because there was a wall separating these believers – both literally and figuratively. Was Christ here to divide or unite? He testified that He would cause division among many people… this division was always between the non-believier and the believer. During the Acts period, theJewish believers were having to cope with the Gentile converts in a way that was frustrating for them because Jewish tradition and the law was their history. Gentiles who were saved and walking by grace was a challenge for many. Later, the Apostle Paul tells us in Ephesians 2:13-15 the middle wall of partition was broken down, so making peace. Christ has made peace bringing unity in the Body of Christ. Listen here to the lesson on 06-24.



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