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November 18, 2001

End Times – Part 4. The lesson on 11-11-2001 continues with Part 4 of the end-times mini-series on the “Last Days” click here to review all the lessons). As you study this topic in scripture, it’s important to understand the context of “end times” or “last days” that are referenced in books that were written during the Acts Period. It’s apparent that Peter, John, Jude, and James who wrote their epistles during the Acts period, had expectations that the last days were emminent and ready to begin right then. For example, Peter wrote in 1 Peter 4:7 (KJV) “But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.” 2000 years have passed since then and the Day of the Lord is still a future event. What happened? Israel was set aside and become “Lo-Ammi” as prophesied in Hosea. God took then the salvation that was formerly authorized through the Jew, and now made it authorized unto the Gentiles. This transfer occurred at Acts 28:28 and is revealed for the first time in Ephesians when Paul declares the administration of The Mystery. Consequently, the prophetic events that are specific to Israel were put on hold until Israel is spiritually restored again which is accomplished with the return of Elijah. Click here to listen now.



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From the Study: The “Last Days”