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October 22, 2001

Which Last Days? There are many “days” mentioned in scripture. It takes a workman to study and sort each reference and determine what applies to whom and when. The “Last Days” are mentioned in several passages, Genesis 49:1-2 being the first. As you will find, there are two primary sets of “Last Days”. The references in 1 & 2 Timothy apply to us today as members of the Body of Christ which is the church. All other references to The “Last Days” pertain to Israel and the restoration of their Nation. Involved with their restoration is a resurrection, judgement, and a heavenly blessing here on Earth. Many Bible teachers take scripture and prophecy that pertains exclusivly to Israel. Make no mistake, the Last Days pertaining to Israel will happen in the order that God declared in the scriptures. The lesson on 10-28 is part two of a series on The “Last Days” and teaches on the specific attributes of The “Last Days” in relation to Israel. Click here to listen now or go to the audio listing for October.



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From the Study: The “Last Days”