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October 21, 2001

The Last Days. Why is modern day society focused on calling here and now the “Last Days”? Christian teaching is focused on mapping recent terrorist tragedies into Biblical events that indicate the “Last Days”. It’s interesting to note that throughout history, many catastrophic events were associated with “Last Days” enthusiasm. The majority of Christian ministries are always trying to figure out the “Last Times” which includes end times events like the rapture, the tribulation, the millenium. Just like the Apostles who asked the questions: When shall these things be? What is the sign of thy coming? When is the end of the world?. The events spoken of in Daniel and Revelation give no hint about the time in which we live during the dispensation of The Mystery. The lesson on 10-21 is part one of a two part series on “Last Days” teaching. Click here to listen now.



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From the Study: The “Last Days”