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The L.U.C.K. of Christ. Maewyn Succat had Good News… and it has nothing to do with good luck. Who is Maewyn Succat? Well you might know him as Saint Patrick. On March 17, each year many people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green clothes, drinking green beer, participating in parades, dyeing rivers green, and thanking the luck of the Irish. Who is Saint Patrick and why is there a holiday to honor him ? What about the Luck of the Irish? Well, the word “luck” does not occur anywhere in scripture. This is evidence that nowhere in the Bible does it give place to “luck”. “LUCK” is an acronym that stands for some truths from scripture… as opposed to placing your hope in a force that brings good fortune or adversity. The lesson on March 18, 2007 celebrates the good news that St. Patrick was spreading throughout Ireland. Be sure and download the handout as well!



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