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The Jailor’s Problem. In Acts 16:23-34, the Phillipian Jailor had a problem on his hand. He was charged with keeping Paul and Silas in jail or it would be his life. When he awoke, the jail had been opened from an earthquake caused by God yet Paul and Silas were still there singing praises unto the Lord. The first problem the jailor thought he had was the whereabouts of his prisoners… but the “real” problem he knew was spoken in Acts 16:30 when he asked “sirs, what must I do to be saved?” This is the problem that God has solved for all of us with Christ thereby shaking loose the prison doors of sin and breaking the shackles of death. The jailors problem was solved by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ. There are many people today who are in need of the same decision and conviction. Will it take a tragedy, prison, or an “earthquake” to bring the problem of sin which seperates us from God to your attention? God wants you to experience the fullness of Christ in your life just like the Phillipian Jailor found for he and his family. The lesson on 07-29 covers this event in Acts. Click here to listen now or go to the audio listings for the month of July.



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