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The Eternal Purpose of God. According to Ephesians 3:7-11, Gods intent is to demonstrate His wisdom to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms. Further, this demonstration is according to His eternal purpose, which He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord. God calls this demonstration “the mystery” and He puts Christ on center stage in the leading role. Co-starring with Christ is The Church (which is His body). If God were in the movie business, His current release would be called “The Eternal Purpose of God” brought to you by the “Manifold Wisdom Studios”. Since God calls His current release “the mystery”, there are some common elements of a mystery that may help explain His eternal purpose. These are: 1) A crime or problem that needs solving, 2)Suspense or secrecy, 3)Evidence or Clues, 4) Suspects, and 5)Good guys and bad guys. The lesson on 02-02-2003 uses a movie analogy to explain the eternal purpose of God and goes through the five elements of a mystery with supporting scriptures. It ends with describing our role in the movie and asking the question, “ Do you have a bit part in God’s eternal purpose or will you take a more active role?” Be sure and download the handout to review while you listen.



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