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January 11, 2009

The lesson on January 11, 2009 continues the Romans Study with part 2. Part 1 covered the background of the book the Apostle Paul wrote and scripture references in Acts chapter 15, and 20 were provided showing the timing of when Romans was written. It is important to point out that what Paul wrote in Romans is not to us, but it is written for us. Romans is the first big doctrinal book in the Canon of scripture. The second big doctrinal book that applies to this period of the Acts is Thessalonians. The third big doctrinal book is Ephesians, which was written after he close of the Acts period when Paul revealed something new called “the mystery” which is completely different than what we find in Romans and Thessalonians which were written during the Acts period. In Romans, Paul emphasizes that the gospel was to the Jew first, and then it was for the Gentile. This lesson takes you through chapter 1.



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