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The first lesson in August was the 17th lesson in the Romans Study and the scripture reading was in Romans 15:1-13. The lesson on August 2, 2009 in Romans is winding down this study and in chapter 15 and we are reminded that Romans is considered the constitution of the Christian faith. Many believe that it is the most important book in the New Testament, if not the entire bible. We have learned there were problems in Rome between Jew and Gentile, but when we get to chapter 15, we find the problem is between who is strong and who is weak in the faith. In this lesson we learn that legalism is man’s imposition of rules and laws for salvation. Paul was not discussing legalism but talking about believers in Christ and receiving them. The first seven verses of this chapter continue the discussion from chapter 14 and the lesson covers the three reasons you are to receive believers, the third reason was listed in Romans 15:7, In verse 2, the word edification is highlighted as part of receiving fellow Christians and Priscilla and Aquilla are identified as individuals who exemplify this character (Romans 16:3-4). Edification includes love because love edifies but we don’t love indiscriminately (see 2 John 1:5-11). The end of the lesson gives a dispensational account of the doctrine given to the Jew and Gentile.



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