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January 13, 2002

Rightly Dividing. Christians who randomly read the bible and apply whatever they have read are destined to take truth out of context. God, however, has called us to practice right division so we may learn what applies to whom. In order to do this, Christian’s need to learn which truth’s are eternal vs. truth’s that are dispensational. This is done by studying the bible and comparing the things that differ (see the Internal Laws of Sripture for more info). For example, the lesson on 01-13-2002 continues to explain how the gospel that Paul delivers in the Acts period epistles is different than the one during the prison epistles. It’s important not to apply truths revealed in one dispensation back into a previous one as truth is revealed progressively throughout scripture. In addition to mixing up scripture, Paul spoke of some in Philippians who preached Christ in envy, strife, and contention. There are groups today who do so as well both within and outside christianity. For example, some churches require you to be water baptized or perhaps take the Lord’s Supper, yet these ordinances are from a previous administration and take away from the truth that you are complete in Christ. Why? Christ nailed them to the cross as Paul describes in Col. 2:8-23. The lesson on 01-13 teaches on this and more. Click here to listen or go to the audio lesson for January.



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