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Resurrection, Redemption, Reconciliation, and the 7 things Jesus said on the Cross. April 11, 2004 celebrates the resurrection of Christ Jesus on Easter Sunday. In one week, from the triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to the cries of “crucify him” in front of Pilate, God prepared the way for reconciliation, redemption, and resurrection for mankind when you accept Christ as your personal savior. The heart of mankind wishes to know love, joy, and peace, yet we learn in scripture that the heart of man is full of vanity. How does man satisfy their hearts desire? Through the blood of Jesus Christ. Solomon knew this as he states in Ecclesiastes 1:14; 2:11 that all the works of man is vanity. The Lord tells us that no man cometh to the Father unless he accept the Son. God established that without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin. Therefore, mankind has been given an opportunity to be reconciled to God by accepting the gift of God, which is Christ Jesus, who is the one mediator between God and man. When you celebrate the resurrection, keep in mind that the resurrection may give life but without reconciliation and redemption, the resurrection would be meaningless. The last seven things that Jesus said while on the cross, demonstrated the process of reconciliation, redemption, and three days later, the resurrection. As Christ shouted victory when he yelled, “It is finished”. He was obedient unto the death of the cross having blotted out the transgressions laid against us. The lesson on April 11, 2004 celebrates the crushing of the serpents head by the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.



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