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January 19, 2003

The Resurrection – Part 3. Historically, their have been many theories about the resurrection. Although there has been agreement to call the resurrection of believers the “Rapture”, two major questions still cause serious debates: 1) When does it occur? and 2) Who does it involve? The timeframe for the resurrection revolves around the Day of the Lord, which includes both the tribulation and the millennium. While attempting to pinpoint the “when”, there have been several views that have come in and out of popularity. The Pre-Millennialists view believes in the rapture before the 1000 year millennium. This started first with early church believers. Next, the A-Millennial view came into popularity which took the position of no “rapture” for the church since they believed in no return of Christ or millennium. The Post-Millennial view places the resurrection at the end of the Millennium or 1000 year reign. Within the Pre-Millennial view, there are three “rapture” timing theories. This consists of a pre-trib, mid-trib, and post-tribulation rapture. The lesson on 01-19 -2003 teaches on church history and how it has influenced the adoption of each of these theories. This is the third lesson in a series on “Resurrection”.



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