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Resurrection – Part 10. There are several positions taken when applying John 5:25-29 to believers. One thought is there is a resurrection of believers to life that have done good, and a resurrection of believers to damnation who have done evil. The other position does not put any believer in a position of damnation since they are made justified by Christ. Which resurrection belongs to whom? Right division teaches us to study scripture in context and compare the things that differ. John 3:16 identifies two classes of people: those who have everlasting life and those who perish. The proper way to understand the two resurrections is in the context of salvation and inheritance (or reward). There are three important points covered in this followup lesson to the resurrection series. 1) There is only one way of salvation and that is in Christ. 2) There is a resurrection of believers and non-believers. The believer is raised and put before the Bema seat of Christ while the non -believer is raised and set before the great white thrown judgement. 3) There are rewards given by Christ for faith obedience and these rewards can be lost if you become shipwrecked in your walk. However you don’t lose your salvation, just your inheritance. The lesson on April 6, 2003 is an important follow up lesson to the resurrection audio series and helps clarify questions on the two resurrections mentioned in John 5:29.



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