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The lesson on 05-06 discusses Prayer in an Age of Grace. Thursday, May 3rd, was the National Day of Prayer in America. One of the fundamental privileges that a Christian has is their ability to talk to God through prayer on any subject whether it’s a National Day of Prayer or just any other day. In the Bible there have been many examples of prayer offered to God in all different situations. What kind of prayers should a Christian offer up to God that are approved in His sight? What is God obligated to do with our prayers? Is prayer a “secret power” to tap into to provide the “prayee” the ability to claim a wish list? “Prayer” is a topic that needs to be handled with the same care for right division as any other doctrine in scripture. Click here to listen to the lesson on 05-06 that looks at some of the popular trends about prayer and then discusses the role of prayer in today’s Age of Grace. Be sure and download the handout as well.



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