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Pleroma – Part 9. The study of the Pleroma, shows that God’s purpose transcends all ages and has been revealed to us through the Scriptures. Even before the foundation of the world, God prepared the way to demonstrate His fullness to principalities and powers, the manifold wisdom of God. For example, Adam was given responsibility over the garden of Eden after a cataclismic event when the original earth was under judgement from the fall of Lucifer. God then re-created the earth in 7 days demonstrating His fullness with Eden. Further, God demonstrated his fullness with Noah, when he brought a cataclismic event of the flood upon a corrupted mankind, except for Noah and his family. There are many comparisons between Adam and Noah and several are discussed. The lesson then introduces Abraham, who is a type of a filling. God told him he would give him land, a great nation, and a blessing for his nation and the nations. The lesson on August 24, 2003 covers Adam, Noah, and Abraham and the history surrounding these men in the study of the Pleroma.



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