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Pleroma – Part 8. The actions of man are like building sand castles on the beach in lo tide, only to perish when the sea comes back during high tide. All that mankind does perishes just like the beautiful sand sculptures are gone. Only God creates things that last and the fullness of Christ lasts forever. Only in Christ will man find eternity. Even though the bible begins at Genesis 1:1, we know that God was there even before the beginning so Genesis 1:1 is the beginning of what God chooses to reveal to us. Lucifer was an individual that fell between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. There is no redemption for Satan and the early rebellion of angels who went with Satan when he fell. We learn of Christ who made a special visit to these fallen angels between his crucifixion and resurrection to tell them they would be chained in the bottomless pit with Satan forever. Only man can be saved because God took on the form of man to redeem men. He didn’t take on the form of angels to save angels. Also, we learn how hell was created for the Devil and his angels. God did not make hell for men, but men will end up there by not choosing Christ as their Savior. The fall of Lucifer preceeds the re-creation of the Earth and the work in Eden. Ultimately, we learn that Adam fails and from that point on , all of God’s work is redemptive. Adam was in Paradise and it was lost, yet we learn that Paradise will be restored. Adam was the first man yet Christ is the second Adam and the new man. The lesson on August 17th, 2003 continues the series on the Pleroma and studies the geneology of Christ. Click here to listen now.



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