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Pleroma – Part 6. The fullness is what God will accomplish in the end times. In every administration of God, it ends in what appears to be outward failure but that is only to let you realize that God is about something else. Something better than what mankind thought at that time God could be about. This lesson contuies to study the Pleroma handout which you should download and review with all the lessons on the Pleroma. The Garden of Eden is an example of failure outwardly. Sin entered the world with the fall of Adam. Consequently, we have Adam to thank for death. When God kicked Adam out of the garden, He placed Cheribum in the garden to guard the tree of life. WIth paradise lost, the Cheribum guarded the tree to keep eternal life away from sinners. There will be a time when paradise is restored and we learn the tree of life has been reserved by the pledge of the Cheribum. Cheribum are unique creatures in scripture and are connected to dwelling in a holy place. Cheribum are unique and are different than angels and scripture doesn’t tell us very much detail about them. We do know that Christ is above all these principalities and powers in heavenly places. We learn some about Cheribum in Exodus, in the construction of the Ark of the Covenant. On the Ark, the Cheribum are related with the Mercy Seat (being placed on either end and over it) Click here to listen to the lesson for July 20th, 2003 which continues the series on The Pleroma.



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