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September 28, 2003

Pleroma – Part 13. The last few lessons on the Pleroma studied the time that God has established that deals with the Gentiles. This lesson continues to review the period when Israel was put in a position of “Lo-Ammi” which was at the end of Acts in AD 70. Keep in mind, God did not discard Israel, but put then on hold until He will restore them in the future to fulfill all that has been promised to them. The Mystery, God’s sacred secret, is what God revealed to the Gentiles through the Apostle Paul after Acts 28:28 when the true fulness of Christ was revealed. This time of fulness is not tarnished by any setback because in this dispensation, Christ is the head of the body so God has accomplished His eternal purpose in His Son. The lesson on September, 28, 2003 begins to study the section on the Pleroma that pertains to the Mystery and its fullness. This timeframe is when Israel is no longer the channel of salvation but each individual has a personal, one on one relationship with God through Christ in grace. This body of truth has with it its own seperate calling and in heritance. Through this truth, God has given to us the mystery of His will and has revealed the fulness of God in Christ. There are four times in Ephesians where the “Pleroma” or fullness is used and this lesson studies all four. Click here to listen now or you may want to review all the lessons on the Pleroma.



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