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September 21, 2003

Pleroma – Part 12. The lesson on September 21, 2003 picks up with the Times of the Gentiles study and reviews the period of the Kings in Israel. It then continues with the Birth of Christ and into the New Testament where all that was promised to Israel was in focus. The New Covenant was in scope as Israel was called upon to believe on the Messiah so the Kingdom would be restored to Israel. The kingdom that was lost when the Time of the Gentiles began was ready to be restored because of the offering of the King, Christ Jesus was at hand. Even after the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, God continues to offer the Kingdom to Israel through the book of Acts until Acts 28:28. During the Acts period, we see the Gentiles addressed uniquely so they could be blessed with Abraham vs being blessed through the Jew. The gentile was considered unclean and not part of Israel yet Paul was given the ministry to go to the gentile so they could receive salvation with the Jew. However, it wasn’t until after Acts 28:28 would the Gentile receive salvation apart from the Jew. The lesson studies what Paul calls “My Gospel” which is his special calling to go unto the Jew first, then also to the Greek. This lesson studies “My Gospel” and helps you understand how Paul’s Gospel is part of the plan that still has Israel in focus which was hidden in scripture that the just shall live by faith (whether under the law of Sinai or by faith). God used the Gentiles to provoke Israel unto jealousy which was called “My Gospel”. Click here to listen now. You may also want to review all the lessons on The Pleroma.



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