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September 14, 2003

Pleroma – Part 11. The Abrahamic promise is one that continues from Genesis Chapter 12 through Acts 28:28. There was 2000 years of history preceding Abraham from Genesis 1:2 up to Genesis 12:1. In those 2000 years, man demonstrated he could not consist apart from God. From Adam to Noah, to the tower of Babel, it all ended in judgment and paved the way for God to call out one man to make a nation, the nation of Israel. The lesson on September 14 covers the history of Abraham and the promises made to his seed. He gives Israel a kingdom because God promised land to Abraham. These promises God made to Abraham are always in focus through the Old Testament, even in the New Testament up through the book of Acts. Yet we see there were conditions applied to these promises. If they obeyed Gods commandments, then He would bless them. If not, then judgment. For example, Solomon, King David’s son, was one who lost favor with God for turning to idolatry. The kingdom was taken from Solomon due to his sin. Daniel then tells of the Times of the Gentiles. The lesson on September 14, 2003 teaches much of the history of Israel and takes us up to the New testament which includes a good review of the Times of the Gentiles. There is a good handout available for you to review as you study the history of Israel and their associated promises.



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