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Pleroma – Part 10. There are two great themes in scripture. The first is the sead of the woman which is the promise of the Savior. The second is the emnity between the seed and the serpent. These go through all of scripture until the very end when Satan is chained in the bottomless pit forever. The lesson on August 31, 2003 begins with a review of these themes and how it impacted mankind from Adam on through the calling of Abraham. Abraham was called out of the nations to begin the nation of Israel who God dealt with exclusively. This special relationship was carried on through his son Isaac, and Isaacs son Jacob. The seed of Abraham was likened to the stars and grains of sands. This lesson continues looking at Abraham and continues through to Joeseph and the history of Israel and their specific relationship to the New Covenant. Click here to listen now. You may also want to review all the lessons on The Pleroma.



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