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Paul’s Two Gospels. The history of the Apostle Paul during his ministry is important to understand to rightly divide the scriptures. The lesson on 01-06-2002 teaches on Philippians 1:12-18 and compares it with the gospel that Paul preached in Galatians. Most christians assume “Gospel” means the same thing when ever its mentioned throughout the bible. The word gospel actually means “good news” and there are many different gospels in the scriptures. Consequently, there are two primary questions to ask when reading the “gospel”. 1) What is said about Christ Jesus, and 2) To whom is the gospel, or good news, delivered. These questions will help you identify what gospel’s are applicable for faith obedience today. For example, Paul declares a gospel in Galatians that, when compared with the gospel mentioned in Philippians, they prove to be different. Why is this important? In order to rightly divide, the bible student knows that all scripture is for our learning but only parts of scripture are addressed specifically to us. Finally, Paul reminds us that no matter what “bonds” have taken hold of us… we should always rejoice. Click here to listen to the lesson for 01-06-2002 or go the listing of audio lessons for January.



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