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February 5, 2006

Old Testament Study – Part 4. The lesson on February 5, 2006 continues the lesson on the Old Testament review. Genesis covers a lot of history with scripture that covers the faith of Abraham and the foretelling of the promises the are founded in Israel’s hope. Sound doctrine is important and something we need to be attentive to. Doctrine is progressive and what we find in Genesis is important to the promises to Israel. Our doctrine that we are to adhere to is the Mystery given in Ephesians by the apostle Paul. In the calling of Israel, the doctrine is in the Old Covenant and flows through the New Covenant. Feb 5, 2006 audio lesson Feb 5, 2006 MP3 audio This lesson continues the look at Genesis and the foundation of the promises given to Abraham and the beginning of Israel with the Land, the Seed, and the City.



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