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Old Testament Study – Part 16. There seems to be a pattern with Christians that approach reading scripture like a combination salad, that they don’t rightly divide. We’ve been asked to study to be approved unto God and that means to learn how to read scripture like a seven course meal with every course in it’s order. The reason we have been studying the Old Testament is to ensure that we learn how to rightly divide. To learn why God chose Abraham to become a nation that He would deal with exclusively throughout the Old Testament and into the New Testament as well. The lesson on July 16, 2006 is the sixteenth lesson in the series and continues the discussion from Malachi to Matthew. Matthew shows the birth of Christ fulfilling all of the Old Testament prophecies. We find that all of the Old Testament writers are witnesses to God’s plan and purpose throughout the ages. Paul writes in Galatians that in the fullness of times, Christ was born. When Christ began his ministry he was 30 years old but God’s plan didn’t change at the birth of Christ. His plan was still in play that was put in motion with Abraham. In Abraham there was a promise that they would be a great nation that would bless the nations. This lesson shows the plan of God and how it ties in with what he started with Israel and continued through with Christ all the way until the end of Acts.



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